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ANSI B11.19-2019 pdf free download. Performance Requirements For Risk Reduction Measures: Safeguarding And Other Means Of Reducing Risk.
ANSI B11.19-2019 provides performance requirements for the design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of the risk reduction measures listed below when applied to machines -inherently safe by design (see clause 7); engineering controls – guards (see clause 8); engineering controls – control functions (see clause 9); engineering controls – devices (see clause 10); administrative controls (see clause 11).
H48 Using time to achieve a safe condition, T, with guard locking interlock devices
When movable guards and movable barrier devices are associated with interlock devices with guard locking and a time delay feature is used to release the guard locking feature, the total time, T, must be used to determine the ime delay of the signal used. See also, 10.2.2.
H5 Reaching distance factors
Additional reaching factors are dependent upon how devices are applied. Devices allow a certain amount of reach toward the hazard zone by the individual prior to detection of the individual by the device; see also, H.5.1. In some applications the device may also allow reach toward the hazard zone by the individual, but does not result in detection (e,g, initiate a protective stop);see also, H.5.2.
H 5.1 Reaching distance factors associated with initiating a protective stop
Electro-optical, safety mat and RF devices do not detect the presence of individuals at the sensing field of the device until an amount of penetration into the field occurs. When using two-hand controls, single control device nterlocked movable guards and movable barrier devices without guard locking, or safety edge/bumper devices it is possible for the individual to be reaching toward the hazard zone before a protective stop is initiated. This amount is the reaching distance associated with devices, ds. See also, Annex I for guidance on determining ds for devices.

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