ANSI B175.3-2003 pdf download

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ANSI B175.3-2003 pdf download Outdoor Power Equipment – Grass Trimmers and Brushcutters – Safety Requirements
3.25 Restrictive Harness: A harness including a waist belt or other protective device designed for the purpose of supporting part of the total unit weight and restricting movement of the harnessed unit toward or away from the operator to the extent allowed by other devices such as barriers. (See Figure 1.)
3.26 Shaft Housing: A structure that encloses and supports the drive shaft and that connects the engine to the cutting attachment.
3.27 Shall: Indicates a mandatory requirement.
3.28 Spark Arrester: A device through which exhaust gases pass to limit the size of glowing particle emissions.
3.29 Speed Limiter: A device that limits the maximum speed of the engine.
3.30 Starter: A mechanism that rotates the engine crankshaft.
3.31 Support Fitting: Element of the unit to which the harness is attached.
3.32 Throttle: A device that adjusts the volume of fuel and air mixture delivered to the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine.
3.33 Throttle Control: A device activated by the operator to regulate the throttle.
3.34 Throttle Control Latch: A device to temporarily set the throttle in a partially open position to aid in starting the engine.
3.35 Throttle Linkage: A mechanism that transmits motion from the throttle control to the throttle.
3.36 Unit: A complete grass trimmer and/or brushcutter.
3.37 Vegetation: Grass, weeds, brush, saplings or the like.
4 Cutting Attachment Shield NOTE – The purposes of a shield are to: [1] provide a means for including a cutting off device for controlling flexible line length; [2] indicate to the operator the plane of operation of the cutting attachment; [3] provide the operator with a visual means of determining the cutting edge; [4] reduce the likelihood of operator contact with the cutting attachment; [5] reduce the amount of cutting debris thrown back toward the operator and; [6] elevate the cutting device off the ground during starting. These statements assume that the product is used as intended by the manufacturer. These purposes must be accomplished while maintaining the utility of the product or without increasing the likelihood of removal or modification of the shield.

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