ANSI HI-14.6-2011 pdf download

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ANSI HI-14.6-2011 pdf download Rotodynamic Pumps for Hydraulic Performance Acceptance Tests
14.6 Hydraulic performance acceptance tests
14.6.1 Scope This standard covers hydraulic performance tests for acceptance of rotodynamic pumps (centrifugal, mixed flow, and axial flow pumps), in this document referred to as pumps.
ANSIHI Standard 14.6 is intended to be used for pump acceptance testing at pump test failties, such as manu- facturers’ pump test facilities or laboratories only. Industry experience shows that it is very dificult to perform mea- surements accurate enough to satisfy the acceptance requirements in this standard when testing is performed in the field. Information in the standard may be applied to pumps of any size and to any pumped liquids behaving as lear water.
The standard includes three grades of accuracy of measurement: grade 1 for higher accuracy, and grades 2 and 3 for lower accuracy. These grades include different values for tolerance factors for allowable fluctuations and uncer- tainties of measurement. This standard applies to a pump by itself without any ftigs. The pump may also be tested with a combination of upstream and/or downstream fttings by prior agreement and agreed on contractually. References to ANSI/HI 1.6 Centrifugal Pump Tests or ANSIHI 2.6 Vertical Pump Tests in procurement documents and test specifications shall refer to ANSI/HI 14.6 for all applicable parts of the standard. There are other pump acceptance test standards for submersible and sealless pumps, as defined in their respective documents, that take into account the unique features that those products exhibit. The Hydraulic Institute recommends that the user of this standard consult those respective standards (ANSI/HI 11.6 Submersible Pump Tests and ANSI/HI 4. 1-4.6 Sealless, Magnetically Driven Rotary Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Application, Operation, and Test) to determine if they are more appropriate for the products being considered for testing.
14.6.2 Terms and definitions Introduction For the purposes of this standard, the quantities, definitions, symbols, and units given here apply. Pump performance aceptance grades for flow, head, eficiency, or power are used in this standard when evaluat- ing acceptance of a pump for a guarantee point. A guarantee point, as defined in Section, is a flow/head (Q/H) point that a tested pump shall meet, within the tolerances of the agreed acceptance class, to be accepted according to this standard.

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