ANSI/IEEE 211-1977 pdf download

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ANSI/IEEE 211-1977 pdf download.IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms for Radio Wave Propagation.
absorption. The irreversible conversion of the energy of an electromagnetic wave into another form of energy as a result of its interaction with matter.
acoustic-gravity wave. In the atmosphere, a low-frequency wave whose restoring forces are both compressional and gravitational.
albedo. The ratio of the reflected power to the Icident power of radiation falling upon a body.
amplitude. Of a sinusoidal wave, the maximum value of a field quantity in space or time.
angular frequency. Of a periodic function, 2m times the frequency.
antenna temperature. The temperature of a black body which, when placed around a matched antenna that is similar to the actual antenna but loss-free, produces. from this antenna the same available power, in a speci- fied frequency range, as the actual antenna in its normal electromagnetic environment.

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