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ANSI/IEEE 252-1977 pdf download.IEEE Test Procedure for Polyphase Induction Motors Having Liquid in the Magnetic Gap.
ANSI/IEEE 252-1977 covers instructions for conducting and reporting the more generally applicable and acceptable tests to determine the performance characteristics of polyphase induction motors having liquid in the magnetic gap. Constants in several equations and forms apply to three-phase motors only and require modification for application to motors having another number of phases. It is not intended that the Procedure cover all possible tests of tests of a research nature. The Procedure shall not be interpreted as requiring the making of any or all of the tests described herein in any given transaction.
2. General
2.1 Kinds of Tests. These motors are normally given either a routine test or a complete test.
2.1.1 Routine Test. The routine test includes measurement of speed, power input, and current input at no load, rated voltage and frequency; power input and current input with locked rotor; and, winding resistance, insulation resistance, and dielectric test. The locked rotor test may also be performed with single-phasepower applied to the motor. Form 1 may be used for reporting such data.
2.1.2 Complete Test. The complete test includes a routine test plus additional tests necessary to determine efficiency, power factor starting torque, breakdown torque, rated-load slip, and rated-load temperature rise.
Form 2 may be used for reporting such data. Additional tests such as measurement of noise vibration, and speed-torque characteristics which are described in this Test Procedure, and other tests. such as measurement o shaft currents which are not covered in this Test Procedure, may be used.
2.2 Choice of Test. A complete list of tests covered by this Procedure is given in the Contents. Alternate methods are described for making many of the tests. In some cases the preferred method is indicated.
3. Electrical Measurements
3.1 General. Electrical measurements shall be made in accordance with thelEEE Std 120-1955 Master Test Code for Electrical Measurements in Power Circuits.
3.2 Power Supply. The supply voltage shal closely approach sine-wave form and shall pro vide balanced phase voltages. The frequency shall be closely regulated and shall be measured within an accuracy of 0.1 percent of rated value.
3.3 Instrument Selection. The instruments used in electrical measurements shall be selected to give indications well up on the scale, ie, where a fraction of a division is easily estimated and where such a fraction is a small percentage of the value read.ANSI/IEEE 252-1977 pdf download.

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