ANSI/NEMA C93.1:1999 pdf download

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ANSI/NEMA C93.1:1999 pdf free download.Power-Line Carrier Coupling Capacitors And Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers (Ccvt).
ANSI/NEMA C93.1:1999 applies to capacitors for coupling power-line carriers arid for reducing rate of rise of breaker transient recovery voltage, and to coupling capacitor voltage transformers (CCVT) for connection to a high voltage power circuit, between line and ground, to supply a low voltage for measurement1 control, and protective functions. A CCVT may or may not have provision for power-line camer coupling.
ANSI/NEMA C93.1:1999 does not include bushing potential devices, or secondary compensated-field adjustable CCVTs.
3 Definitions
All definitions, except as specifically covered in this standard, shall be in accordance with ANSI/IEEE 100 and ANSi C57.13.
accuracy classes: The limits, in terms of ratio correction factor and phase angle, that have been established.
accuracy of CCVT: The means of expressing the degree of conformity of the actual values obtained from the secondaries to the values that could have been obtained with the marked ratio. The performance charactenstics associated with accuracy of a CCVT are expressed in terms of ratio correction factor and phase angle.
accuracy ratings: The accuracy class followed by a burden for which the accuracy class applies.
basic impulse Insulation level (BIL): The electrical strength of insulation expressed in terms of the crest value of a standard Impulse having a front time of 1.2 microseconds and a time to half value of 50 microseconds The tolerance range is 1.2-5.0 x 40-60 microseconds.
basic switching impulse insulation level (BSL): The electrical strength of insulation expressed in terms of the crest value of a standard switching impulse having a front time of 250 microseconds and a time to half value of 2500 microseconds. The tolerance range is 100-500 x 2000 – 4000 microseconds.ANSI/NEMA C93.1:1999 pdf download.

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