ANSI Z136.4-2010 pdf

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Standard Number:ANSI Z136.3-2018
Standard Name:American National Standard Recommended Practice For Laser Safety Measurements For Hazard Evaluation
Standard Size:6.68M
File Format:PDF
Introduction:ANSI Z136.4-2010 addresses only the measurement of those parameters associated with the laser output beam. Consult ANSI Z136. 1 for information pertaining to non-beam hazards associated with lasers and laser systems. Lasers or laser systems certified for a specific class by a manufacturer in accordance with the FLPPS or IEC 60825-1 standard may be considered as fulfilling all classification requirements of this recommended practice. In cases where the laser orlaser system classification is not provided or where the class may change because of system alteration or the addition or deletion of engineering control measures, the LSO should ensure that reclassification of the laser or laser system is in accordance with ANSI Z136. 1, the FLPPS,or IEC 60825-1.
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