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AS 1001-1970 pdf download.Plain Setting Rings for Internal Measuring Equipment (Metric Series).
I SCOPE. This standard relates to plain setting rings primarily intended for use in setting internal diameter measuring equipment.
The standard covers metric rings in the range from 2 mm to 150 mm, and provides for three grades of accuracy, viz, AA, A and B.
It specifies material for the rings, their hardness, surface texture and recommended overall dimensions(outside diameter and thickness).
2.1 General. Setting rings shall preferably be made of good quality steel suitably hardened and stabilized and free from inclusions.
The measuring surface of a steel setting ring shall have a hardness value of not less than 780 HV or 62 HRC (after stabilizing).
Other materials may be used only if the setting rings produced have properties o hardness and stability at least equal to those specified for steel setting rings. Hardness shall be tested on the portion of the end face adjacent to the bore and shall be carried out in accordance with AS B84* or AS B1061.
2.2 Stabilizing. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that setting rings are adequately stabilized by a method appropriate to their material.
5.3 Uniformity of the Diameter. Within the middle half of the length of the ring the cylidrical measuring surface, as measured with a two-point contact, shall be uniform in diameter, to within the values given in column 2 of Table 3.
5.4 Roundness. The departure from roundness is defined as the difference in radi of two co-planar concentric circles, the annular space between which just contains the profile of the surface examined.
When assessed in accordance with AS B219, the departures from ideal roundness measured within the middle half of the length of the ring, shall not exceed the values given in column 3 of Table 3.
5.5 Measured Size. The mean diameter of a setting ring shall be taken as the mean of at least four diameter measurements made at the mid-plane. This diameter should not depart from the nominal size of the ring by more than the values given in column 4 of Table 3.
NOTE: See also footnote to column 4 of Table 3.
If required, the measured size of a single diameter in a localized axial plane may be specified for Grade AA rings. In this case it is recommended that the specified axial plane be indicated by a line marked on the top face of the ring.
5.6 Accuracy of Determin ation. The measured size referred to in Clause 5.5 above shall be determined with the accuracy specified for the appropriate grade in column 5 of Table 3.
6.1 Certificate. The manufacturer shall supply a certificate of measured size with each setting ring.
6.2 Marking. Each setting ring shall be legibly and permanently marked on the top face with the particulars given below.
The marking shall he applied in such a manner that it does not affect the accuracy of the setting ring.
(i) The manufacturer’s name or trade mark.
(ii) The grade. i.c. AA. A or B.
(iii) A serial number.
(iv) The measured size of the ring.
(v) The number of this Australian Standard, i.e. AS 1001.AS 1001-1970 pdf download.

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