AS 2353:2018 pdf download – Pedestrian push-button assemblies

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AS 2353:2018 pdf download.Pedestrian push-button assemblies.
2.1.1 Exterior of enclosure
The exterior of thc enclosure shall have a durable black finish. The finish shall be either
(a) integral with the material of the enclosure, e.g. pigment in plastics moulding: or (b) applied to the surface, e.g. by painting.
Notwithstanding the above, the surface of the enclosure immediately surrounding the push-button, which is subject to frequent handling, shall not be painted.
I ‘Durable’ in terms of this Clause is intended to mean that the push-button assembly will be capable of withstanding ten years’ exposure to the weather without substantial fading, colour change or other deterioration (e.g. flaking) of the exterior finish.
2 A paint finish is not regarded as being sufficiently durable for surfaces subject to frequent handling. Permanent finishes such as polished metal or (‘lass AA2O aluminium anodizing in accordance with AS 1231 would be suitable.
2.1.2 Push-button
The push-button specified in Clause 2.4 shall be of polished stainless steel or of a material of similar colour and durability.
NOTE: The objective of the above rcquircmcnt is to provide a push-button that is relatively light in colour, so as to visually contrast with the black enclosure, with a finish that is sufficiently durable to withstand frequent handling.
2.1.3 Direction arrow
The direction arrow specified in Clause 2.6 shall he of natural anodized aluminium or a material of similar colour and durability. The background to the direction arrow, i.e. within the circular area illustrated in Figure 2.3, shall be of a colour within the range Rich Blue (1311) to Royal Blue (Bl2) as specified in AS 2700.
2.2.1 Size and construction
The enclosure of the push-button assembly shall be of robust construction and shall be free from sharp corners, edges or projections. The material of the enclosure and fixing components shall either be inherently resistant to corrosion or be treated to prevent corrosion.
The form and external dimensions of the enclosure and the relative location of the components shall be in accordance with Figure 2.1. Space shall be provided within the enclosure to permit entry, at the top and bottom, of a 16 mm diameter screwed metal conduit in accordance with ASINZS 2053.7.
NOTE: The space at the top and bottom of the enclosure is necessary to permit the entry of electrical wiring when the normal entry in the rear of the enclosure (see Clause 2.2.3) cannot be used, e.g. when the push-hutton assembly is mounted onto a wooden pole or the like.
2.4.1 General
Pedestrian push-button assemblies with moving parts shall conform to the requirements of Clauses, 2.4.3 and 2.4.4. Alternative types of pedestrian push-button assemblies that have no moving parts shall conform to the requirements of Clauses, 2.4.3 and 2.4.4.
2.4.2 Design and construction
2.4.2. I Push-bunon assemblies with moving paris
The push-button assembly shall incorporate a switch of the spring-return, push-button plunger-operated type with at least one set of normally open contacts. The complete pushbutton and switch mechanism shall be in accordance with the relevant requirements of
ASINZS IEC 60947.1 and ASJ’NZS IEC 60947.5.1.
The push-button switch shall be capable of being actuated when depressed by means of a flat surface having an area larger than that of the push-button. The displacement of the push-button necessary for actuation of the switch shall be between 3 mm and 6 mm. The activating and restoring forces of the push-button switch shall be in accordance with the following:
(a) The force required to initially depress the push-button shall lie within the range 6 N to 10 N.
(b) The force required to depress the push-button shall gradually decrease the further the push-button is depressed and this decrease shall be a minimum of 4 N.
(c) When depressed to the extent necessary to actuate the switch, the push-button mechanism shall exert a restoring force of not less than 3 N and no greater than 5 N.
The push-button plunger and guide shall be designed so as to minimize the risk of jamming by foreign objects. The plunger mechanism shall be of robust construction.AS 2353 pdf download.

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