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AS 5092-2009 pdf download.CNG refuelling stations.Here is part of the introduction:
This Standard specifies requirements for the design,construction, operation and maintenance of compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling stations, which can be one of the folio win g:
(a) fast fill, where vehicles are filled in a period of minutes, analogous to liquid refuelling:
(b) time fill, where one or (in most cases) a number of vehicles arc filled simultaneously over a period of some hours; or
(c) a combination of fast till and time fill.
It does not cover equipment sizing and refuelling performance (the latter to be agreed between the purchaser and station constructor to suit the particular requirements of each station).
This Standard does not cover the requirements for the following:
(I) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refuelling stations: or
(ii) Vehicle Refuelling Appliances (VRA) installations, which are covered by AG 806.
For the purposes of this Standard. the definitions below apply.
1.3.1 Approved, approval
Acceptable to. and meeting the prescribed standards of. the Technical Regulator (see Clause 1.3.22).
1.3.2 Authority
Regulatory authority having jurisdiction or such authority as delegated (see also Technical Regulator).
NOTE: See Appendix A for more information.
1.3.3 Compressed natural gas (CNG)
A compressed gaseous fuel composed of natural gas of pipeline quality as defined in
AS 4564.
1.3.4 Compressed gas storage systems
Group of cylinders or pressure vessels connected together, which may or may not be connected into separate shanks’ (i.e. sections), and complying with the requirements of this Standard.
1.3.5 Dispenser/fill post
A unit for filling compressed natural gas into CNG cylinders, which may or may not incorporate metering.
1.3.6 Fire Resistance Level (FRL)
The rating of the ability of an element of building construction to fulfil its required load bearing function, integrity and thermal insulation in a standard fire resistance test as determined in accordance with AS 1530.4 for—
(a) structural adequacy:
(b) integrity: and

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