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AS 60890:2009 pdf download.A method of temperature-rise assessment by extrapolation for partially type-test assemblies (PTTA) of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear.
In lEC Publication 60439-1, in the series of type tests, a temperature-rise is specified. However, for certain types of assemblies for which the performance of a temperature-rise test is either not feasible or economically not justifiable a calculation of the temperature rise in the form of extrapolation from data found by tests on other assemblies may be made instead. Such assemblies are then called partially type-tested assemblies (PTTA). Various methods of calculations can be conceived and are acceptable. The factors and coefficients set out in this report have been derived from measurements on numerous assemblies and the method has been verified by comparison with test results. The method described in this report is therefore one possible method and may for partially type-tested assemblies be used to prove compliance with the requirements of sub-clauses 8.2.1 of IEC Publication 60439-1. This report applies to PTTAs only.
The following method is applicable to enclosed PTTA or partitioned sections of PTTA without forced ventilation. NOTE 1 – The influence of the materials and wall thickness usually used for enclosures are negligible on the steady state temperatures. The method is therefore applicable to enclosures made of sheet steel, sheet aluminium, cast iron, insulating material and the like. NOTE 2 – For open-type and dead-front PTTA, no temperature-rise assessment is needed if it is obvious that no excessive air temperatures are likely to arise.
5 Calculation
5.1 Necessary information
The following data are needed to calculate the temperature rise of the air inside an enclosure:
— dimensions of the enclosure; height/width/depth;
— the type of installation of the enclosure according to Figure 4,
— design of enclosure, for example, with or without ventilation openings;
— number of internal horizontal partitions;
— effective power loss of equipment installed in the enclosure,
effective power loss (Pa) of conductors according to Annex B.
NOTE – The effective power losses of the equipment installed in the circuits of the PTTA used for this calculation are the power losses at the rated currents of the various circuits to be taken from information provided by the manufacturer.AS 60890 pdf download now.

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