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ASTM A940–96(2001) pdf download.Standard Specification for Vacuum Treated Steel Forgings, Alloy, Differentially Heat Treated, for Turbine Rotors.
ASTM A940–96(2001) covers vacuum treated, alloy steel forgings, differentially heat treated for turbine rotors.
3. Ordering Information
3.1 In addition to the ordering information required by Specification A788, the purchaser shall include with the inquiry and order a detailed drawing, sketch, or written description of the forging, including the mechanical test locations, the portion of the forging to be included in the heating chamber during the stability test, and the minimum stability test temperature.
3.2 The purchaser shall specify if check tests for mechanical properties are required after stress relief or heat stability tests.
3.3 Supplementary Regulirements-Supplementary require ments are provided. These requirements shall apply only when specified in the purchase order.
General Requirements
4.1 Material supplied to this specification shall conform to the requirements of Specification A 788, which outlines addi- tional ordering information, manufacturing requirements, test- ing and retesting methods and procedures, marking, certifica- tion, product analysis variations, and additional supplementary requirements.
4.2 If the requirements of this specification are in conflict with the requirements of Specification A788, the requirements of this specification shall prevail.

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