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ASTM C1006/C1006M-20,Standard Test Method for Splitting Tensile Strength of Masonry Units.
This pdf file is shared by a net friend called Laura from New York.Thanks.
ASTM C1006/C1006M-20 covers the determination of the splitting tensile strength of masonry units.
ASTM C1006/C1006M-20 provides an indicator of masonry-unit splitting tensile strength. Additionally, the presence of defects such as visible voids or impurities in masonry units may be revealed.
Summary of Test Method
A test assembly is made by adhering steel bearing rods to the top and bottom faces of the specimen using capping compound. After the capping compound has cured, the test assembly is placed in the test machine while supported by compressible braces to prevent the test assembly from rocking.A load is applied to the test assembly. The compressible braces are removed once the test machine holds the test assembly firmly. The load is continued to be applied until specimen failure.

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