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ASTM C928/C928M-09 pdf free download.Standard Specification for Packaged, Dry, Rapid-Hardening Cementitious Materials for Concrete Repairs.
ASTM C928/C928M-09 covers packaged, dry, cementitious mortar or concrete materials for rapid repairs to hardened hydraulic-cement concrete pavements and structures. Materials that contain organic compounds, such as bitumens, epoxy resins, and polymers, as the principal binder are not included.
5. Performance Requirements
5.1 The materials shall comply with the performance requirements in Table 1 for the applicable type.
6. Sampling
6.1 A lot is the quantity of packaged repair material normally placed on a pallet. In general, this quantity will weigh from 900 to 1800 kg [2000 to 4000 Ib].
6.2 A unit sample is a single package of material randomly selected from the lot.
7. Specimen Preparation
7.1 C’oncrete—Mcchanicaily mix the packaged dry concrete material with mixing liquid. Determine the properties of the unhardcncd mixture. and mold and cure the specimens in accordance with Practice C192/CI92M or modifications as outlined herein.
13. Product Marking
13.1 Mark all packages to contain the following informa
13.1.1 Specification designation.
13.1.2 RI or R2 or R3 type.
13.1.3 Directions for use that shall include hut are not limited to: When a bonding agent is used in the test of bond strength. the type and kind of adhesive recommended to bond fresh repair material to the concrete or mortar being repaired. The recommended amount of water, other liquid component, or both, to he mixed with the package contents. The recommended length of mixing time or sequence of mixing and resting times in minutes.
13.1.4 Date the material was packaged.
13.1.5 The yield in litres [cubic feetj or yield in square metres per centimetre Isquare feet per inch] thickness when mixed with the recommended amount of liquid.
13.1.6 The net weight in each container. The contents of any container shall not vary by more than 2 % from the weight stated in the markings. The average weight of filled containers in a lot shall he not less than the weight stated in the markings.
13.1.7 If the product is formulated for use in vertical or overhead applications. it shall he so stated on the package.

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