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ASTM D1711-20,Standard Terminology Relating to Electrical Insulation.
This terminology standard is a compilation of technical terms associated with testing and specifying solid electrical and electronic insulating materials.
This terminology is used in connection with testing and specifying solid electrical insulating materials.Modifications to this terminology, reflecting common usage, may appear in particular test methods, material specifications, practices, or other standards. Included herein are terms pertinent to general applications, electrical insulating papers, mica, mica processing, processed mica forms,hookup wire insulation, and partial discharge (corona).
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ASTM D1711-20 is intended that all definitions in this terminology standard originating in a specific standard under the jurisdiction of Committee D09 be identical to definitions of the same terms as printed in standards of originating technical subcommittees.

The size of this standard is 5.61M,which is shared by a net friend from America.Thanks!

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