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This is shared by Tina from Canada.ASTM D5425-18 pdf free download.Standard Guide for Development of Fire Hazard Assessment Standards of Electrotechnical Products.
ASTM D5425-18 provides guidance on the development of fire hazard assessment standards for electrotechnical products. For the purposes of this guide, products include materials, components, and end-use products.
The primary concern in the fire hazard assessment of electrotechnical products is to minimize the fire hazard result- ing when such products ignite. Should a fire start, it is then desirable to limit the fire propagation. Give consideration to external events such as the outbreak of a fire in the environ ment. In general. however. disregard deliberate misuse of an electrotechnical product, in the fire hazard assessment.
Give consideration also to heat release(both rate and amount )and opacity, toxicity, and corrosivity of the smoke from a burning product and any necessary ability to function under fire conditions. These hazards are directly related to the ignition and fire propagation. The emission of gases may also under certain circumstances, lead to the possibility of explosion.
Certain electrotechnical products such as large enclosures, insulated cables, and conduits, may in fact replace large portions of surfaces and finishing materials of building construction or may penetrate fire-resisting walls. In thes circumstances, the requirements for fire performance of the electrotechnical products, when exposed to an external fire must ensure that they do not contribute to the hazard of fire to a greater degree than is permitted by the building materials or structures that are replaced.
Following a detailed review of all of the expected hazards as related to a specific fire scenario, the final hazard assessment standards. as drafted. should include a series of tests or a single test, as appropriate. to address the specific hazard(s) defined Single test standards are acceptable if the address the major hazard(s) defined or are interrelated to the various components involved.

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