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ASTM D5787-20,Standard Practice for Monitoring Well Protection At or Near Land Surface.
ASTM D5787-20 identifies design and construction considerations to be applied to monitoring wells for protection from events, which may impair the intended purpose of the well such as water level or water quality monitoring data.
ASTM D5787-20 may be applied to other surface or subsurface monitoring devices, such as piezometers, permeameters, temperature or moisture monitors, or seismic devices.
Referenced Documents
D5918 Test Methods for Frost Heave and Thaw Weakening Susceptibility of Soils.
D6026 Practice for Using Significant Digits in Geotechnical Data.
The design of a monitoring well protective system is like other design processes, where the input considerations are determined and the design output seeks to remedy or mitigate the negative possibilities, while taking advantage of the site characteristics.
The factors identified in this practice should be considered during the design of the monitoring well protective system. The final design should be included in the monitoring well design and installation documentation and be completed and verified during the final completion and development ofthe well.
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