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ASTM D715-86(2020) pdf free download.Standard Test Methods for Analysis of Barium Sulfate Pigment.
ASTM D715-86(2020) cover the analysis of barium sulfate pigment.
These test methods are used to determine the purity of barium sulfate and to determine the concentration of known impurities. This information is useful to producers and users as an aid in the manufacture of coatings.
Carefully weigh 10 g of the finely ground dry barium sulfate pigment and transfer to a carefully dried 125-mL clear glass separatory funnel of the long narrow type. Add 100 mL of the heavy liquid (sp gr 2.9), stopper, and shake well to liberate any air bubbles that might adhere to the particles, and also to break up all agglomerates. Set the separatory funnel aside and allow to stand in a perpendicular position for 2 h, or for a sufficient time for the particles to rise or sink.
Transfer the filter paper and silica to an ignition cup, dry, and ignite carefully in an electric furnace or over a flame to keep mechanical loss at a minimum. Weigh the floated material, and transfer to a tared platinum dish or crucible. Add 20 mL of hydrofluoric acid (HF) and 3 drops of H2SO4 (1+1), evaporate to dryness, and ignite carefully to expel all fumes. Cool and weigh. The loss in weight represents the free silica in the floated material.
Keywords:analysis of pigment; barium sulfate; barium sulfate content; barium sulfate pigment; ferric oxide in barium sulfate; free silica in barium sulfate.

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