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ASTM D7192-19 pdf free download.Standard Test Method for High Speed Puncture Properties of Plastic Films Using Load and Displacement Sensors.
ASTM D7192-19 covers the determination of puncture properties of plastic films, over a range of test velocities.
6. Test Specimen
6.I Specimens must be large enough to be adequatel gripped in the clamp. In general, the minimum lateral dimen- sion should be at least 13 mm greater than the diameter of the hole in the clamp or any clamping gaskets or o-rings incorpo rated into the clamping mechanism (see 5.1.1 and 9.9)
6.2 Specimens shall be cut from plastic film produce by any suitable process.
6.3 The specimens shall be free of pinholes, wrinkles, folds or other obvious Imperfection, unless such Imperfections constitute variables under study.
8. Speed of Testing
8.I For recommended testing speeds, see 9.4.
9. Procedure
9. I Test a minimum of five specimens at each specified speed.
9.2 Measure and record the thickness of each specimen to the nearest 0.0025 mm at the center of the specimen.
9.3 Clamp the specimen between the plates of the specimen holder, taking care to center the specimen for uniform gripping.
10. Calculation
10.1 Using the load-versus-displacement trace and appro priate scaling factors, calculate the following:
10.1.1 Peak load in Newtons.
10.1.2 Deflection, in millimetres, to the point where peak load first occurred
10.1.3 From the area within the trace,calculate: Energy, in Joules, to the point where peak load first occurred. Total energy absorbed. The point for determining this has not been standardized. Therefore, the point used for each test must be stated in the report.
10.1.4 Load, deflection, energy, or combination thereof, at any other specific point of interest (see Appendix XI).

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