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ASTM D8151-19 pdf free download.Standard Practice for Obtaining Rainfall Runoff from Unvegetated Rolled and Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (RECPs and HECPs) for Acute Ecotoxicity Testing.
ASTM D8151-19 establishes the guidelines, requirements, and procedures for obtaining rainfall runoff of unvegetated rolled and hydraulic erosion control products (RECPs and HECPs) during bench-scale conditions from simulated rainfall to be sent out for acute ecotoxicity testing.
4. Summary of Practice
4.1 This practice is used to obtain the rainfall runoff needed to determine the acute toxicity of rolled and hydraulic erosion control products(RECPS/HECPs) for a slope of 3:(H: V)and a rainfall intensity of 100+5 mm/h.
4.2 Before testing. the rainfall simulator system is calibrated for the rainfall intensity and slope intended for use. The sand used in the soil containers is also tested prior to use.
4.3 The sand is compacted into six soil containers. Three of the soil containers are then protected with the unvegetated RECP or HECP: the other three remain unprotected. The 3 bare soil/unprotected containers are placed in the runoff ramps, covered. and the rainfall simulator is turned on and allowed to come to equilibrium. After equilibrium is reached, the cover is removed, the collection containers are moved into position and the test commences at a rainfall intensity rate of 100+5 mm/h for 30 min At the end of the test. the runoff collected from each ramp is filtered, measured, and poured into a container. The water from the 3 runoff ramps is combined into a single container. The single water sample is allowed to settle, then decanted to obtain the control sample to be shipped overnight for acute toxicity testing. This process is then repeated for the three soil containers that are unvegetated RECP or HECP protected.
7. Materials and Sampling
7.1 Soil Type-The soil type to be used during testing is sand conforming to the properties listed in Table I Perform the following testing on the bulk sand according to the listed methods. Record the results of the testing in accordance with the requirements of each individual standard. These tests must be done before initial use of the bulk sand sample and anytime thereafter when the bulk sand sample has been replenished with new sand. Make sure the bulk sand sample has been blended well to provide a representative specimen for initial testing.

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