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ASTM D8273-20,Standard Practice for Determination of Total and Available Cyanide in Solid Waste and Soil after Alkaline Extraction.
ASTM D8273-20 is used for the determination of total or available cyanide in solid waste, sediment and soil samples after alkaline extraction. Simple cyanide (CN-) salts of group 1 and group 2 (alkali and alkaline earth) metals.
A 1.00+ 0.05 g portion of the prepared sample is measured into a 50-mL screw cap vial and extracted with 10mL of 1 M Sodium Hydroxide Solution and mixed by shaking.The sample extract is filtered and diluted to 200 mL with water.An aliquot of the extract is injected into a flow injection analyzer (FIA) as described in Test Methods D6888, D7284,or D7511. The cyanide extracted from the solid sample is calculated.
Warning-Because of the toxicity of cyanide, great care must be exercised in its handling. Acidification of cyanide solutions produces toxic hydrocyanic acid (HCN).All manipulations must be done in the hood so that any HCN gas that might escape is safely vented.
You can download this standard,which size is 1.91M.

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