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ASTM E2855-12 pdf free download.Standard Test Method for Evaluating Emergency Response Robot Capabilities: Radio Communication: Non-Line-of-Sight Range.
The purpose of this test method, as a part of a suite of radio communication test methods, is to quantitatively evaluate a teleoperated robot’s (see Terminology E2521) capability to perform maneuvering and inspection tasks in a non-line-of-sight environment.
ASTM E2855-12 is intended to apply to ground based robotic systems and small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) capable of hovering to perform maneuvering and inspection tasks down range for emergency response applications.
7. Hazards
7.1 Besides section 1.4 that addresses the human safety and health concerns. users of the standard shall also address the equipment preservation concerns and human-robot coexistence concerns.
NOTE 5-Adverse environmental conditions such as high or low temperatures, excessive moisture, and rough terrains can be stressful to the humans, can damage the robotic components, or can cause unexpected robotic motions.
9. Procedure
9.1 For data traceability and organization purposes, the administrator shall obtain and record the testing conditions and administrative information first. A set of specified fault conditions shall be followed during the test.
NOTE 7-For example,different robot models could help partial explain the differences in the test results. Diffcrent trial numbers could partially tell how much effort an operator has taken to accomplish the results.

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