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ASTM E2906/E2906M-13 pdf free download.Standard Practice for Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Examination of Tube Bundles.
ASTM E2906/E2906M-13 describes use of Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology for examination of the internal surface of typical tube bundles found in heat exchangers, boilers, tubular air heaters and reactors, during shutdown periods.
The purpose of APR examination is to detect, locate and identify flaws such as through-wall holes, ID wall loss due to pitting and/or erosion as well as full or partial tube blockages. APR may not be effective in detecting cracks with tight boundaries.
Summary of Practice
4.1 This practice describes the use of APR technology to detect, locate and identify flaws and blockages in tube bundles 4.2 The practice describes typical APR apparatus and pro-vides guidelines for:
4.2.1 APR system setup and performance verification.
4.2.2 APR examination and evaluation of examination re- sults including signal analysis, indication detection, location. identification and sizing.
4.2.3 Preparation of examination report.
6. Basis of Application
6.1 The following items are subject to contractual agreement between the parties using or referencing this practice.
6.3 Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Agencies-If specified in the contractual agreement, NDT agencies shall be qualified and evaluated as described in Specification E543. The applicable edition of Specification E543 shall be specified in the contractual agreement.
6.4 Exent of Examination-The extent of examination in- cludes the entire tube bundle unless otherwise specified.
6.5 Reexamination of Repaired/Re-cleaned Worked Tibes Reexamination of repaired/re-cleaned items is not addressed in this practice and if required shall be specified in the contractual agreement.
12.1 acoustic pulse reflectometry: blockage; heat exchangers; through holes; tubes

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