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BS 4486:1980 pdf free download. Specification for hot rolled and hot rolled and processed high tensile alloy steel bars for the prestressing of concrete.
BS 4486:1980 specifies requirements for preferred sizes of smooth or deformed alloy stee bars in straight lengths supplied in the hot rolled or hot rolled and processed conditions. Two nominal strength levels of steel are specified. This standard does not specify fatigue testing, this subject being included in BS 4447.Stress-corrosion testing is not specified.
5 Manufacture
5.1 Unless the process is specified by the purchaser in his order, the steel may be made by any process except that the air, and nixed air/oxygen bottom blown basic converter processes shall not be used.
5.2 The steel shall be hot rolled into bars.Subsequent processing may be required to achieve the specified mechanical properties Such processing may take the form of cold working by stretching and additional tempering treatment may
follow such cold working.
5.3 The cast analysis shall not show more than 0.040% sulphur or more than 0.040% phosphorus.
5.4 If required by the purchaser, a chemical analysis of the steel shall be provided by the supplier.

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