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BS/EN 13257-2016 pdf download.Geotextiles and geotextilerelated products Characteristics required for use in solid waste disposals.
The results of PTD tests shall be recorded and be available for inspection.
The sample for the PTD tests shall be drawn according to EN ISO 9862 from a normal production run using the same materials and forming processes as used for the full production process. The size of the sample shall be big enough to allow the determination of the characteristics specified in Table 2. Handmade samples, short trial batches and other development prototypes may be tested by the same methods, but shall not be used for establishing characteristic values in PTD tests.
5.4 Factory production control (FPC)
A FPC scheme shall be established and documented in a manual prior to a product type being placed on the market. Subsequently, any fundamental changes in raw materials and additives, manufacturing procedures or the control scheme that affect the properties or use of a product shall be recorded in the manual.
The manual shall include the FPC procedures relevant to the declared properties, as confirmed by the product type determination.
The FPC procedures shall consist of a permanent internal production control system to ensure that such products comply with this European Standard and that the measured values conform to the declared values.
Annex A (normative) lists all the items that shall be considered to determine the appropriate control measures for a product. The manufacturer shall establish control measures for the relevant items and record them in his FPC manual, These measures shall be described in detail, including the type of tests to be performed and the frequency of these tests (see also A.2).
When relevant, the procedure given in A.2.3 shall be used to check the conformity of the product for one or more characteristics.
5.5 Verification of values
If verification of values is required, the compliance of characteristics with the values defined in 5.2 shall be based on measurements made on two representative samples (A and B), taken from two different rolls. Sampling shall be made in accordance with EN ISO 9862.
For on-site quality control purposes CEN/TR 15019 may also be considered.
The characteristics given in Table 2 shall be measured in accordance with the corresponding European Standards on specimens prepared from sample A.
If the test result(s) for a particular characteristic is (are) within the tolerance value(s) given by the manufacturer, the product is accepted as complying with respect to this characteristic.
If the test result(s) for a particular characteristic Is (are) outside 1,5 times the tolerance value(s), the product does not comply with respect to that characteristic.
5.6 Initial inspection of factory and of FPC
Initial inspection of factory and of FPC shall be carried out when the production process has been finalized and in operation. The factory and FPC documentation shall be assessed to verify that the requirements of 5.4 and Annex A are fulfilled.
During the inspection it shall be verified that:
a) all resources necessary for the achievement of the product characteristics included in this European Standard are in place and correctly implemented, and
b) the FPC-procedures in accordance with the FPC documentation are followed in practice, and
c) the product complies with the product type samples, for which compliance of the product performance to the DoP has been verified.
All locations where final assembly or at least final testing of the relevant product is performed shall be assessed to verify that the above conditions a) to c) are in place and implemented.
If the FPC system covers more than one product, production line or production process, and it is verified that the general requirements are fulfilled when assessing one product, production line or production process, then the assessment of the general requirements does not need to be repeated when assessing the FPC for another product, production line or production process.
All assessments and their results shall be documented in the initial inspection report.
The single steps of this inspection are specified in A.2.
5.7 Continuous surveillance of FPC
Surveillance of the FPC shall be undertaken at least once per year. The surveillance of the FPC shall include a review of the FPC test plan(s) and production processes(s) for each product to determine if any changes have been made since the last assessment or surveillance. The significance of any changes shall be assessed.
Checks shall be made to ensure that the test plans are still correctly implemented and that the production equipment is still correctly maintained and calibrated at appropriate time intervals.
The records of tests and measurement made during the production process and to finished products shall be reviewed to ensure that the values obtained still correspond with those values for the samples submitted to the determination of the product type and that the corrective actions have been taken for noncompliant products.BS/EN 13257-2016 pdf download.

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