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BS EN 13544-2:2002 pdf free download.Respiratory therapy equipment – Part2:Tubing and connectors.
BS EN 13544-2:2002 specifies requirements for tubing to be used with equipment for the therapeutic administration of respirable gases in domiciliary, ambulance and hospital practice including the interface to the equipment i.e. nipples and screw threaded connectors. This tubing is mainly used with oxygen, air or mixtures of these gases.
The interface specifications are given to ensure interchangeability of respiratory therapy equipment thereby enabling patients to receive continuous treatment in all these clinical situations.
Weight-bearing screw-threaded connectors are specified for use at the outlet of e.g. flowmeters to which devices such as humidifiers or nebulizers can be attached.
NOTE: This standard does not specify the devices where these connectors have to be used. It is expected that specific device standards will specify the devices where these connectors are going to the used e.g. EN ISO 10651-4, EN 738-1 and EN 13220.
5.1.1 Resistance to gas flow of tubing
When tested as described in A3, the resistance to flow shall not exceed 0,9 kPa/m.
5.1.2 End connectors
Tubing for respiratory therapy equipment shall terminate at each end with a connector able to produce a secure connection conforming to 5.1. 4 to the nipple specified in clause 3.
NOTE: Connectors can either be formed in the material of the tubing or can be joined to the tubing by e.g. welding or adhesives.
A.6.1 Test conditions
Perform the test using the apparatus A.1.9 shown in Figure A.3 under the appropriate test conditions given in Table A.3.
A.6.2 Procedure
A 6.2.1 Measure and record the outside diameter of the tubing. Calculate a mean diameter if the tubing is not circular, or if it is slightly variable along the length. Record this diameter as “D”.
A 6. 2.2 Take a piece of the tubing to be tested of length 0, 5 m, occlude the end and adjust the internal static pressure to the requisite value. Release the occlusion and set the initial flow to the requisite value.
A 6.2.3 Fold the last 100 mm of the tubing into a U-shape and compress it between the jaws of the vice until the requisite distance between flats is obtained.
A 6.2.4 Without altering the flow-meter setting from that in A 6.2.2, cause test gas to flow through the tubing Measure and record the flow.

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