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BS EN 14350:2020 pdf free download.Child care articles – Drinking equipment – Safety requirements and test methods.
BS EN 14350:2020 harmonises minimum safety requirements and test methods for children’s drinking equipment. Some of the provisions have been taken from other existing national and European Standards and for these provisions the Technical Committee has relied on previous validation.
A significant choking hazard can arise if the component parts of drinking equipment become separated during use. This hazard is addressed in this document by the inclusion of a security test. However, as the fixing of such products to the container is user-dependent, the risk of an accident cannot be completely eliminated. This document sets out labelling requirements stating that parents or carers should not leave children unattended whilst being fed with a product containing a feeding teat or using a container made of glass and that children should not be allowed to use feeding teats as a soother.
The Technical Committee considered the possibility of standardizing both sizes of feeding teats and ranges of flow rates. However, it was decided that the many combinations of container systems precluded being standardized. It is recommended that all container and drinking accessory combinations are matched components Providing meaningful flow rate information is difficult because of several factors including hole diameter, teat thickness, hole shape/type of feed, and also how individual infants suck the teat. Accordingly, it was decided not to include a test for flow rate but to recommend that manufacturers provide information on flow rate and hole size that is appropriate to their particular product.
BS EN 14350:2020 sets chemical requirements and test methods for materials ( like rubber, silicon, TPE etc) and exposures (mouthing and swallowing )not covered by harmonised legislations. Where this document sets migration limits for substances also covered by legislation, the requirements of this document with stated test conditions must be regarded as additional.
Latex protein allergy risk has not been included in this document. There is no published information that sensitization is caused by feeding teats and there is an extremely low incidence of latex protein allergy among young children and babies. Nevertheless, provision for packaging information for feeding teats made from natural rubber latex has been included in this document.
BS EN 14350-2:2020 specifies safety requirements relating to the materials, construction, performance, packaging and product information for drinking equipment intended for children of 0 to 48 months (see B.2) of age: – Re-usable containers and re-usable drinking accessories; – Single-use containers and drinking accessories sold with these containers; – Single-use feeding teats; – Ready to use feeding teats.
This document does not include requirements for the cleanliness of ready to use and single use products.
This document does not apply to products designed for specialist clinical medical applications, e.g. those relating to cleft lip palates.
BS EN 14350:2020 does not apply to drinking equipment made from ceramics.
This document does not apply to bags intended for storage only.
This document does not apply to drinking equipment which is supplied with fluids or food when purchased and to feeding accessories fixed to it.
This document is not applicable to soothers. Safety requirements and test methods for soothers are specified in EN 1400 [6]. This document is not applicable for cutlery and other feeding utensils. Safety requirements and test methods for Cutlery and other feeding equipment are specified in EN 14372 [7]. For drinking equipment excluded from the scope, consider the applicable requirements of this document whenever possible.

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