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BS/EN 16282-3-2016 pdf download.Equipment for commercial kitchens Components for ventilation in commercial kitchens Part 3: Kitchen ventilation ceilings; design and safety requirements.
5.6 Separators
Separators of differing finishes and sizes shall have an identification which ensures that they are inserted into the ceiling at the planned position after cleaning.
NOTE The identification of the ceiling side can be done when the ceiling is put into operation.
The design of the separator shall result in a self-draining effect of the aerosol and avoid dripping of aerosol onto areas of the kitchen underneath. If required, information shall be included in the installation instructions if separators shall be installed at a certain angle to the horizontal in order to ensure this self-draining effect.
In particular, separators shall be designed in such a way that aerosol does not remain in the aerosol separation area, I.e. that the aerosol separator does not have a storage effect.
Aerosol collecting devices can be integrated directly at the separator. However, the aerosol collecting devices shall not lead to a back draught of aerosol in the separator. If necessary, a corresponding note shall be included in the installation instructions.
Separators shall be mounted so that there are no gaps between them and the filter housing.
At least the first stage of a separator shall be designed as an aerosol separator.
Filters are not admissible unless they are used in combination separators.
Separators shall be in accordance with prEN 16282-6.
5.7 Blanking panel
Blanking panels shall be designed so that they can be used to replace a separator (exception:
compensating elements). They shall be fitted flush.
Blanking panels of different design and size shall be permanently marked to ensure that they can be refitted in the right position in the ceilings following cleaning.
5.8 Integrated lighting
The lighting requirements of indoor workspaces shall be according to EN 12464-1:2011, 5.3.
The number of lights required in order to achieve the mean horizontal illuminance on the useful level selected is the degree of efficiency method as specified in EN 12665 and EN 12464-1:2011.
The type of protection for the lighting shall be at least 1P54, preferably lP65 and lP2O for the parts of the light which are out of the air stream in accordance with EN 60529.
The series-connected devices for lamps shall be finished at least as low-loss series-connected devices, preferably as electronic series-connected devices. Lamps with low-loss series-connected devices shall be given a safety starter.
If a kitchen ventilation ceiling is equipped with lighting, the lighting shall be flush integrated into the ceiling. Ceiling lighting as a surface-mounted lighting is not permitted in the cooking area.
Lamps shall be designed in such a way that they are stable in the thermal situation of the location as well as comply with the temperature limits stated by the manufacturer in the area of the lighting. Light fittings shall meet Table 2 requirements of materials.
The electrical connections shall be connecting terminals in a terminal box.
For grease and heat resistant cabling, silicon sheathed power lines and isolated cables in accordance with the EN 50525-2 series shall be used.
Light switches/buttons and control panels mounted directly on the ceiling shall be flush mounted and hygienically sealed. The power supply lines shall be laid out so that they do not pass through the parts of the ceiling where aerosol is directed.
5.9 Integrated cleaning device
Integrated cleaning devices shall clean aerosol separators without dismantling them.
It shall be possible to trigger the washing or cleaning process automatically and manually with time control via an external control unit. Actuation of the washing or cleaning process for various kitchen areas at separate times as a function of their extract air load shall be possible.BS/EN 16282-3-2016 pdf download.

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