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BS/EN 16573-2017 pdf download.Ventilation for Buildings Performance testing of components for residential buildings Multifunctional balanced ventilation units for single family dwellings, including heat pumps.
The declared maximum air volume flow shall be equal to the smaller in case the supply and extract air volume flows are different.
In addition, to assess correctly the thermal performance, aerodynamic characteristics shall be tested before or together with any thermal characteristics testing.
Aerodynamic characteristics shall include:
— external leakage or total recirculated fraction in supply air;
— internal leakage or recirculated fraction from extract to supply air or total recirculated fraction in supply air.
The tests for air flow/pressure curve and thermal performances shall not be made because of measurement uncertainty when leakages according to 6.1.1 are too high. The external and internal leakage of the unit shall comply with Class Al or A2, Bi or 132, Cl or C2 as defined in EN 1314 1-7 depending on the test method.
6.2 Air flow/pressure curve
Tests shall be performed according to EN 13141-7 with the following parameters:
1) Ventilation function only:
That means the heat pump Is not operating. Any additional fan Is off and any bypass damper is closed (qv,ai = 0 and qv, RCA = 0) or any other recirculation air flow is off.
2) Ventilation function with additional flow rates:
In case of additional air flow rates for the other functions the pressure curves shall be repeated with different damper positions and/or additional fans speeds (minimum 3 settings in case of stepless control). If the ventilation mode can be set independently from the recirculation mode, then the ventilation setting is the intermediate setting as defined in EN 13141-7 (see Clause 1 above) During this test, pressure at each connection shall respect the repartition of 1/3 on the outside and 2/3 on the inside.
6.3 Reference point for aerodynamic conditions
For all the thermal tests of the multifunctional unit, the reference fresh air volume flow point shall be used.
In addition, if the multifunctional ventilation unit is operating with an additional outdoor air flow at the evaporator (heating mode)/condenser (cooling mode) side, this additional air flow rate shall also be specified by the manufacturer.
heating or hydronic cooling according to EN 14511 (all parts). That means that all energy quantities are values measured over the data acquisition period.
The unit shall be tested according to the test procedure that describes the most comprehensive combination of functions provided by the unit. The overall performance and the performance of each function individually are calculated from this test.
7.2 Air flow settings and uncertainty
7.2.1 General
The removed air mass flow rate is set as the reference air volume flow as determined in 6.3.
Depending on the operation point, the fresh air mass flow can be calculated (see EN 13 141-7).
Balancing between qm,tr&iaia and is conducted only once for each configuration of air flows, at the mandatory heating point (7 °C/20 °C) for all heating tests, with the heat pump out of operation.
Where applicable, balancing between qm,ft air and is conducted only once for each configuration of air volume flows, at the mandatory cooling point (35 °C/27 °C) for all cooling tests, with the heat pump out of operation
Any balancing dampers are locked firmly to prevent creep during the duration of the remaining tests. At other outdoor temperatures, the balancing can be expected to deteriorate very slightly due only to changes in the density of air in the supply and extract streams.
Thermal tests shall be performed with and/or without the additional outdoor air (q,11o) or recirculated air (qin. RCA) as specified by the manufacturer. The temperature conditions of recirculation air are the same as for extract air.
The total uncertainty of the airflow measurement shall not exceed ± 3 %.
The unit is declared unbalanced (see EN 13 141-7) if the difference between the two air flows is greater than 10%.BS/EN 16573-2017 pdf download.

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