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BS EN 54-17-2005 pdf download.Fire detection and fire alarm systems Part 17 : Short-circuit isolators.
open condition
condition of the short-circuit isolator which prevents the passage of short circuit currents through the short-circuit isolator. (i.e. the correct condition for the short-circuit isolator when it is protecting part of a circuit from the effects of a short circuit)
4 Requirements
4.1 Compliance
In order to comply with this European Stwlddru the snort-circuit isolator snail meet tne requirements of this clause, which shall be verified by visual inspection or engineering assessment, shall be tested as described in Clause 5 and shall meet the requirements of the tests. However, for short circuit isolating devices which are integrated into other devices already covered by an existing European Standard (EN). the environmental conditioning shall be performed in accordance with that EN.
4.2 Integral status indication
If the short-circuit isolator incorporates an integral visual indication of its status, then this indication
shall not be red.
4.3 Connection of ancillary devices
Where the short-circuit isolator pi-ovides for connections to ancillary devices (e.g. remote indicators), open- or short-circuit failures of these connections shall not prevent the correct operation of the shortcircuit isolator.
4.4 Monitoring of detachable short-circuit isolators
If a short circuit isolating device is detachab’e (i.e. it is attached to a mounting base), then a means shall be provided for a remote monitoring system (e.g. the control and indicating equipment) to detect the removal of the device from the base, in order to give a fault signal.
4.5 Manufacturer’s adjustments
It shall not be possible to change the manufacturer’s settings except by special means (e.g. the use of
a special code or tool) or by breaking or removing a seal.
4.6 On-site adjustments
If there is provision for on-site adjustment of the short-circuit isolator, then for each setting the short- circuit isolator shall comply with the requirements of this European Standard. Access to the means of adjustment shall only be possible by the use of a code or special tool.
4.7 Marking
Each short-circuit isolator shall be clearly marked with the following information:
a) number and date of this European Standard (i.e. EN 54-17:2005);
b) name or trademark of the manufacturer or supplier;
c) model designation (type or number):
d) wiring terminal designations;
e) some mark(s) or code(s) (e.g. serial number or batch code), by which the manufacturer can Identify, at least, the date or batch and place of manufacture, and the version number(s) of any software, contained within the short-circuit isolator.
For detachable short-circuit isolators, the detachable part shall be marked with a), b), C) and e), and the base shall be marked with, at least C) (i.e. its own model designation) and d).
Where any marking on the device uses symbols or abbreviations not in common use then these shall be explained in the data supplied with the device.
The marking shall be visible during installation of the short-circuit isolator and shall be accessible during maintenance.
The markings shall not be placed on screws or other easily removable parts.
NOTE Where ZA,3 covers the same information as required by this subclause, the requirements of this
subclause are met.
4.8 Data
Short-circuit isolators shall either be supplied with sufficient technical, installation and maintenance data to enable their correct installation and operation1) or, if all of these data are not supplied with each isolator, reference to the appropriate data sheet shall be given on, or with, each short-circuit isolator.
At least the following data are required to conduct the tests specified in this European Standard:
a) maximum line voltage (V);
b) minimum line voltage (V ) (i.e. without a short circuit or partial short circuit fault);
c) maximum rated continuous current with the switch closed (Ic max);BS EN 54-17-2005 pdf download.

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