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BS EN 60191-6-8-2001 pdf download.Mechanical standardization of semiconductor devices — Part 6-8: General rules for the preparation of outline drawings of surface mounted semiconductor device packages — Design guide for glass sealed ceramic quad flatpack (G-QFP).
This part of IEC 60191 provides the common outline drawings and dimensions for all types of structures and composed materials of glass sealed ceramic quad flatpack (hereinafter called G-QFP).
The object of this design guide is to standardize outlines and obtain interchangeability of G-OFP.
2 Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text. constitute provisions of this part of IEC 60191. For dated references, subsequent amendments to, or revisions of, any of these publications do not apply. However, parties to agreements based on this part of IEC 60191 are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated below. For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document referred to applies. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
IEC 60191 (all parts), Mechanical standardization of semiconductor devices
3 Definitions
For the purpose of this part of IEC 60191, the following definition, as well as those given in the other parts of this standard, apply.
glass sealed package with gull-wing formed terminals which are led out in four directions to mount on PCB surface
4 Numbering of the pins
The index area is positioned at the upper left corner of the package body when it is viewed from the seating plane. The terminal that Is closest to the index corner is numbered 1, and continued terminals that count in counter-clockwise directions are numbered 2, 3.
A and datum B from figure la.
The reasons are as follows.
a) Generally, in the case of ceramic packages, a tolerance of the outside dimensions is wider than that of plashc moulded package. Therefore, the lead true position based on ceramic body dimension Is a rather large value like 0,6 mm, generally.
These large values v and w are not useful for users,
b) E and D. the package outside dimension of G-OFP, do not Include seal mismaiching and glass protrusion according to note 4, so it is meaningless to specify E and 0 as datum planes.
C) In the semiconductor industry, QFP type packages are handled not by package body, but by the tip of the lead frame. In general.
For instance, QFP is handled in electrical tests or mounting onto printed circuit board by lead frame as a base point, not by package body, especially for a high-pin-count/fine-pitch OFP.
Therefore, it Is not so significant to stipulate package wldthilerigth as a datum line. NOTE 7 These values Include the thickness of finish plating.
NOTE 8 SInce In the G-QFP the part corresponding to this dimension Is not the outermost side of the package. the seal mismatching and the glass protrusion are not Included, and only the standard values are stipulated.
NOTE 9 The pin layout is determined as follows.BS EN 60191-6-8-2001 pdf download.

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