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BS EN 6037:2015 pdf download.Aerospace series – Fibre reinforced plastics – Test method – Determination of bearing strength.
BS EN 6037 defines the procedure to be used to determine the bearing strength of fibre composites with multidirectional reinforcement. This standard is applicable to composite laminates manufactured from unidirectional tape or woven fabric reinforcement.
This standard does not give any directions necessary to meet health and safety requirements. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to consult and establish appropriate health and safety precautions.
2 Normative references
EN 2374, Aerospace series — Glass fibre reinforced mouldings and sandwich composites — Production of test panels
EN 2565, Aerospace series — Preparation of carbon libre reinforced resin panels for test purposes 1)
EN 2743, Aerospace series — Fibre reinforced plastics — Standard procedures for conditioning prior to testing unaged materials
4 Principle of the method
A tensile test is carried out on a flat laminate containing a hole; the load is applied by a bolt passing through the hole. A large specimen width is chosen, so that bearing failure occurs. The yield and ultimate bearing strengths are determined.
6 Apparatus
6.1 Tensile testing machine, calibrated to maintain a load and displacement accuracy in tension within
1 %. There shall be the capability to record load-elongation diagrams.
6.2 A chamber adapted to the machine to carry out tests at a specified temperature. The chamber temperature shall be controlled to within ± 3 °C.
6.3 A timer.
6.4 A thermocouple with recorder if tests at temperatures other than ambient are required.
6.5 A flat-anvil micrometer with 6 mm diameter faces, accurate to within 0,01 mm.
6.6 An extensometer (gauge length of 50 mm recommended) or other equivalent strain measuring device to record elongations in terms of the applied load, accurate to within 1 % in the load range used.
7.2 Tabs
Specimens type B without tabs. Specimens type A are with or without tabs. However, if tabs are used they shall be strain compatible with the composite being tested. They shall have the dimensions of the gripping area given in Figure 8. They shall be bonded on both specimen faces with an adhesive system that will meet the temperature and ageing requirements. Care should be taken that the adhesive bonding temperature does not add any undesired post cure effect to the laminate.
7.3 Number of test specimen
Six specimens shall be tested per test condition, except when otherwise specified by the Technical Specification.
If tests are carried out after ageing or at a temperature other than room temperature, care should be taken that room temperature/as received reference specimens according to EN 2743 taken from the same laminated plate are also tested.
7.4 Ageing of specimen
In case of tests after exposure to humid atmosphere, the conditioning shall be according to EN 2823.Download BS EN 6037 pdf.

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