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BS/EN 71-13-2014 pdf download.Safety of toys Part 13 : Olfactory board games , cosmetic kits and gustative games.
4.3.3 ResultIng products
The resulting product(s) made by a child using a gustative game in accordance with the instructions for use shall be in compliance with the relevant requirements of legislation on food. Heating as part of the activity used to obtain the resulting product. shall only be specified in the instructions for use if the manufacturer has ensured that such heating does not lead to a harm to the health of the children using the game.
NOTE Food ingredients are subject to the relevant food legislation, e.g. Regulation (EC) No 133412008 [7] (flavours), Regulation (EC) No 133312008 (6], Regulation (EU) No 112912011(201 (food additives). Regulation (EC) No 17812002 (8] (general food law”), Directive 2000/13/EC (9] (labefling) and Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 (10] (food information to consumers).
4.3.4 Food allergens
If allergenic food ingredients are supplied with the gustative game, these ingredients shall be labelled on the packaging.
NOTE For information on the labelling of allergenic food ingredients see Directive 2003189/EC (3]. This Directive also lists commonly known food allergens
5 Equipment
5.1 Containers and glassware
5.1.1 Glassware
In sets where the instructions for use include activities in which glassware is heated, all glassware intended to be heated shall be made of borosilicate glass in order to be heat resistant.
When necessary. borosilicate glass shall be identified by the test method described in Annex B.
5.1.2 Containers for fragrances, cosmetic products or food ingredients General
Containers, except if made of glass, for fragrances, cosmetic products and food ingredients shall not break or crack when tested according to the drop test specified in EN 71-1.
Containes made of glass do not have to be tested as they are covered by EN 71-1:2011+A3:2014, 4.5 a) (accessible glass may be used where its use is necessary to the function of the toy).
Containers shall differ in size and shape from laboratory glassware to avoid them being mistaken as glassware foi use in the activities specified in the instructions for use.
5.1.3 ChIld-resistant containers
If, after the safety assessment made by the manufacturer, child-resistant containers are needed for substances and mixtures classified as dangerous by the EC-legislation applying to dangerous substances [15j. [16J, L18), and dangerous mixtures L161, [17], [18]. the child-resistant containers shall fulfil at least one of the following requirements:
NOTE 1 Regulation (EC) No, 127212008 [16] specifies requirements on child resistant containers,
a) they shall comply with EN ISO 8317;
b) they shall require two independent movements to be opened: a vertical force downwards and a torque in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction (e.g. bayonet joint). When tested in accordance with C.1 (closure test A), the closure shall not open;
c) they shall include a snap-in stopper and shall require an external specifically designed tool to open. When tested in accordance with C.2 (closure test B), the closure shall not open.
Closures for containers intended to be used for liquids shall not break, crack or leak when tested in accordance with C.3 (closure test C).
NOTE 2 Compliance with these requirements is intended to prevent younger children accessing materials contained in such oontainers
5.2 Equipment for the transfer of liquid
Mouth-actuated pipettes shall not be supplied. Where the transfer of liquid is required, a mechanical means which does not permit aspiration by the mouth shall be provided (e.g. a dropper with a permanently fitted teat). 5.3 Eye protection
If after the safety assessment made by the manufacturer an eye protection is needed during the play, the eye protection shall conform to the relevant legislation for personal protective equipment.
NOTE Relevant legislation for personal protective equipment is Directive 89f6861EEC [19].
6 Warnings and markings (see A.4)
6.1 General markings and warnings
NOTE 1 The text of this note is for information only and the indents do not constitute requirements of this European Standard. The Information is not exhausbve Further details can be found in the Directive 20091481EC [1] and the associated guidance documents.BS/EN 71-13-2014 pdf download.

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