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BS EN 81-80:2019 pdf free download.Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Existing lifts – Rules for the improvement of safety of existing passenger and goods passenger lifts.
BS EN 81-80:2019 was developed to establish a methodology to specify at national level procedures for improving the safety of existing lifts. A word of explanation:
a) Background of this document:
More than 6 million lifts are in use today (2019) in Europe and approximately 50 % were installed more than 20 years ago.
Lifts were installed to the safety level appropriate at time of installation. This level is often lower than today’s state-of-the-art for safety.
New technologies, experiences and social expectations have led to todays state-of-the-art for safety. This has led to the situation today with different levels of safety, causing accidents. However, users and authorized persons expect a common minimum level of safety wherever they go.
En addition, there is a growing trend for people to live longer and for disabled people to expect access and design for all. Therefore it is especially important to provide a safe means of vertical transport for elderly and disabled persons.
Lift attendants and in many cases building caretakers are not so common anymore, so it is important that relevant safety features for the rescue of trapped persons should be provided.
Furthermore the life cycle of a lift is longer than most other transportation systems and building equipment, which therefore means that lift design, performance and safety can fall behind modern technologies. If existing lifts are upgraded to today’s state-of-the-art for safety, the number of injuries is very likely to decrease (especially in buildings which can be accessed by the general public).
b) The approach behind the creation of this document:
BS EN 81-80:2019:
1) categorizes various hazards and hazardous situations, each of which has been analysed by a risk assessment;
2) is intended to provide corrective actions to progressively and selectively improve, step by step, the safety of all existing passenger and goods passenger lifts towards today’s state-of-the-art for safety;
3) enables each lift to be audited and safety measures to be identified and implemented in a step by step and selectwe fashion according to the frequency and severity of any single risk:
4) lists the high, medium and low risks and corrective actions which can be applied in separate steps in order to mitigate the risks.
Other designs to previous national regulations or standards, providing they have an equivalent safety level, may be acceptable.
c) Use of this document:
BS EN 81-80:2019 can be used as a guideline for;
1) national authorities to determine their own programme of implementation in a step by step process via a filtering process (see Clause 5) in a reasonable and practicable1) way based on the level of risk (e.g. high, medium, low) and social and economic considerations;
2) owners to follow their responsibilities according to existing regulations;
3) maintenance companies and/or inspection bodies to inform the owners on the safety level of their installations and to propose risk reduction measures;
4) owners to upgrade their existing lifts on a voluntary basis in accordance with 3) if no regulations exist.
NOTE 1 Owner of the installation: natural or legal person who has the power of disposal of the installation and takes the responsibility for its operation and use.
In making an audit of an existing lift installation Annex A can be used to identify the hazards and corrective actions in this document. However, where a hazardous situation is identified which is not covered in this document a separate risk assessment should be made. This risk assessment should be based on EN ISO 14798.

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