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BS EN 998-1-2003 pdf download.Specification for mortar for masonry Part 1 : Rendering and plastering mortar.
5.3.1 Workable life The workable life shall be declared by the manufacturer. When the rendering/plastering mortar is sampled from a consignment in accordance with EN 1015-2 and tested in accordance with EN 101 5-9 the workable life shall not be less than the declared value.
The workable life shall be tested only in the case of rendering/plastering mortars which contain admixtures for controlling the setting. e.g. factory-made ‘wet’ mortar.
5.3.2 AIr content When relevant for the use for which the rendering/plastering mortar is placed on the market the range in which the air content will fall shall be declared by the manufacturer. When sampled from a consignment In accordance with EN 1015-2 and tested In accordance with EN 101 5-7 the air content shall fall within the declared range.
For rendering/plastering mortar where porous aggregates are used the air content may alternatively be determined by testing the fresh mortar density according to EN 1015-6.
5.4 Mixing of mortar on site
If certain types of mortar need specific site mixing equipment procedures or times, these shall be specified by the manufacturer. Mixing time is measured from the time when all constituents have been added.
6 Designation of rendering and plastering mortars
The designation shall include the following, as relevant:
number and date of issue of this European Standard;
product name and/or type of mortar according to 3.5.1 to 3.5.6;
— name of manufacturer;
a code for or the date of production.
The properties for mortar shall be designated as relevant by declaring specific values or categories for hardened mortar according to Table 2 and for fresh mortar according to 5.3.
7 Marking and labelling
The designation (see clause 6) or abbreviation identifying the designation shall be marked on the packaging, delivery ticket or the manufacturers data sheet or other information accompanying the product.
8.1 General
The manufacturer (or his agent) shall demonstrate compliance for his product with the requirements of this European Standard by carrying out both initial type testing (see 8.2) and factory production control (see 8.3).
Alternative methods of test to the reference methods specified in this European Standard may be adopted except for the initial type tests and In case of dispute, provided that these alternative methods satisfy the following:
a) a relationship can be shown to exist between the results from the reference test and those from the alternative test; and
b) the information on which the relationship is based is available.
8.2 Initial type tests
After completion of the development of a new product type and before the commencement of manufacture and offering for sale, appropriate initial type tests shall be carried out to confirm that the properties predicted from the development meet the requirements of this standard and the values to be declared for the product.
Sampling shall be carried out in accordance with annex A.
Initial type tests shall also be carried Out Ofl existing products when a change in the basic materials or manufacturing procedures leads to what the manufacturer considers will change the product designation or the use of the product. In these cases the appropriate initial type tests are those for the properties which are affected or need confirming and new properties introduced by a change of use.
The tests to be conducted shall be reference tests as described in this standard for the hardened mortar properties in accordance with Table 2 and for fresh mortar properties according to 5.3, consistent with the product type’s intended use.
The results of initial type tests shall be recorded. If the manufacturer declares other additional properties (those where a dash indicates in Table 2 no requirement’), these shall also be tested by initial type tests.
No tests need to be carried out where a declaration of tabulated values is allowed.
NOTE For the performance characteristics to be determined in order to address the CE marking provisions.
see Table ZA.1.
8.3 Factory Production Control.BS EN 998-1-2003 pdf download.

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