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BS EN ISO 10855-2:2018 pdf free download.Offshore containers and associated lifting sets – Part 2:Design, manufacture and marking of lifting sets.
ISO 10855 (all parts )meets the requirements of IMO MSC/Circ. 8600 for the design, construction, inspection, testing and in-service examination of offshore containers and the associated lifting sets Thich are handled in open seas.
This document does not specify certification requirements for offshore containers which are covered by the IMO Circular 860 and SOLAS. IMO MSC/Circ. 860 requires certification of offshore container
“by national administrations or organizations duly authorized by the Administration”, which should take account of both the calculations and the testing, “taking into account the dynamic lifting and impact forces that can occur when handling such equipment in open seas”.Further information about certification can be found in informative Annex C of this document.
ISO 10855 (all parts) does not cover operational use or maintenance, for which there are a number of industry guidelines which can be referred to. Some are listed in the bibliography.
Under conditions in which offshore containers are often transported and handled, the ‘normal’ rate of wear and tear is high, and damage necessitating repair will occur. However, containers designed and manufactured according to ISO 10855 (all parts) will have sufficient strength to withstand the normal forces encountered in offshore operations, and not suffer complete failure even if subject to more extreme loads.
BS EN ISO 10855-2:2018 specifies requirements for lifting sets for use with containers in offshore service including technical requirements, marking and statements of conformity for single and multi-leg slings, including chain slings and wire rope slings.

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