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BS EN ISO 175:2010 pdf free download.Plastics – Methods of test for the determination of the effects of immersion in liquid chemicals.
Because of their varied applications, plastics are frequently brought into contact with liquids such as chemical products, motor fuels, lubricants, etc., and, possibly, with their vapours.
Under the action of a liquid, a plastic material may be subjected to several phenomena which may occur simultaneously. On the one hand, absorption of liquid and extraction of constituents soluble in the liquid may occur. On the other hand, a chemical reaction, often resulting in a significant change in the properties of the plastic, may occur. The equilibrium swelling ratio for a crosslinked polymer in a liquid that is a solvent for the same but non-crosslinked polymer is a measure of the degree of crosslinking.
The behaviour of plastics in the presence of liquids can be determined only under arbitrarily fixed conditions aimed at making comparisons between different materials. The choice of test conditions (nature of the liquid, immersion temperature and immersion time), as well as the choice of the properties in which changes are to be measured, depends on the eventual application of the plastic under test.
It is not possible, however, to establish any direct correlation between the experimental results and the behaviour of the plastic in service. These tests do, nevertheless, permit a comparison to be made of the behaviour of different plastic materials under specified conditions, thus allowing an initial evaluation of their behaviour in relation to certain groups of liquids.
NOTE: In view of its special importance, the particular case of the determination of the quantity of water absorbed is dealt with in ISO 62. ISO 175 is concerned with the effects of water only where changes in the dimensions and physical properties of the plastic occur as a result of the action of the water.
BS EN ISO 175:2010 specifies a method of exposing test specimens of plastic materials, free from all external restraint, to liquid chemicals, and methods for determining the changes in properties resulting from such immersion. It does not cover environmental stress cracking (ESC) which is dealt with by the various parts of ISO 22088.
BS EN ISO 175:2010 only considers testing by immersion of the entire surface of the test specimen1).
NOTE: BS EN ISO 175:2010 may not be appropriate for simulating partial or infrequent wetting of plastics.
BS EN ISO 175:2010 is applicable to all solid plastics that are available in the form of moulding or extrusion materials, plates, tubes, rods or sheets having a thickness greater than 01 mm. It is not applicable to cellular materials.

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