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BS EN ISO 19902:2007 pdf free download.Petroleum and natural gas industries — Fixed steel offshore structures.
ISO 19902:2007 specifies requirements and provides recommendations applicable to the following types of fixed steel offshore structures for the petroleum and natural gas industries: caissons, free-standing and braced; jackets; monotowers; towers.
BS EN ISO 19902:2007 is applicable to compliant bottom founded structures, steel gravity structures, jack-ups, other bottom founded structures and other structures related to offshore structures (such as underwater oil storage tanks, bridges and connecting structures), to the extent to which its requirements are relevant.
The series of International Standards applicable to the various types of offshore ,ISO 19900 to ISO 19906,structure constitutes a common basis covering those aspects that address design requirements and assessments of all offshore structures used by the petroleum and natural gas industries worldwide. Through their application, the intention is to achieve reliability levels appropriate for manned and unmanned offshore structures, whatever the type of structure and the nature or combination of the materials used.
It is important to recognize that structural integrity is an overall concept comprising models for describing actions, structural analyses, design rules, safety elements, workmanship, quality control procedures and national requirements, all of which are mutually dependent. The modification of one aspect of design in isolation can disturb the balance of reliability inherent in the overall concept or structural system. The implications involved in modifications, therefore, need to be considered in relation to the overall reliability of all offshore structural systems.
The series of International Standards applicable to the various types of offshore structure is intended to provide wide latitude in the choice of structural configurations, materials and techniques without hindering innovation. Sound engineering judgment is therefore necessary in the use of these International Standards.
Annex A provides background to and guidance on the use of this document and needs to be read in conjunction with the main body of this document. The clause numbering in Anne A is the same as in the normative text to facilitate cross-referencing.
Materials, welding and weld inspection requirements can be based either on a”material category or on a design class ” approach, as discussed in Clauses 19 and 20. If the material category approach is used, the corresponding provisions of Annexes C and E are normative; if the design class approach is used, the corresponding provisions of Annexes D and F are normative.
Annex G gives requirements on fabrication tolerances.
Regional information on the application of the document to certain specific offshore areas is provided in informative Annex H.
To meet certain needs of industry for linking software to specific elements in this International Standard, a special numbering system has been permitted for figures, tables, equations and bibliographic references.

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