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BS EN ISO 22300:2018,Security and resilience – Vocabulary.BS EN ISO 22300:2018 pdf can be downloaded for free here.
BS EN ISO 22300:2018 defines terms used in security and resilience standards.
BS EN ISO 22300:2018 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 292, Security and resilience.This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO 22300: 2012) which has been technically revised.
The main changes compared to the previous edition are that terms have been added from recent
published documents and documents transferred to ISO/TC 292.
3.1 activity
process (3.180) or set of processes undertaken by an organization (3.158) (or on its behalf) that produces
or supports one or more products or services (3.181)
EXAMPLE: Accounts, call centre, IT, manufacture, distribution
3.2 affected area
location that has been impacted by a disaster (3.69)
Note 1 to entry: The term is more relevant to immediate evacuations (3.80) after-action report.
document (3.71) which records, describes and analyses the exercise (3.83),drawing on debriefs and reports from observers (3.154),and derives lessons from it.

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