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Hi,I am John.At this moment,i will continue to share BS ISO 35104:2018,and its title is Petroleum and natural gas industries — Arctic operations — Ice management.This document comes from a guy  who shared it with me.
BS ISO 35104:2018 applies to mobilization, demobilization and construction support services, because
these can be affected by ice conditions.
This document is not applicable to coastal port operations and to commercial trading vessels conducting transit or convoy operations.
The IM plan shall remain in place over the design service life of the facility or the duration of the operation protected by the IM system and shall be revised to reflect changes to the operation of the facility, to the physical environment, and to IM assets, systems and procedures.
The IM plan shall apply to a specific facility or operation and should only be reused if the operation is repeated with the same IM assets under the same circumstances.
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