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BS ISO 7628:2010 pdf free download. Road vehicles — Thermoplastics tubing for air braking systems.
ISO 7628:2010 specifies the minimum requirements for mono wall and multilayer tubing used in air braking systems on road vehicles. The conformity of production is the responsibility of the tubing manufacturer.
2 Normative references
ISO 179-1, Plastics-Determination of Charpy impact properties-Part 1 Non-instrumented impact test;
ISO 1043-1, Plastics-Symbols and abbreviated terms-Part 1: Basic polymers and their special characteristics;
ISO 1183-1, Plastics-Methods for determining the density of non-cellular plastics – Part1 :Immersion method, liquid pyknometer method and titration method;
ISO 4892-2: 2006, Plastics-Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources -Part2:Xenon-arc lamps;
ISO 4892-4: 2004, Plastics-Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources-Part 4: Open-flame carbon arc lamps;
ASTM B117, Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus.
6 Manufacture
6.1 Materials
The tubing shall be extruded from 100 virgin material (not reground). The use of recycled material is not permitted, but own reworked material may be used as grinding stock, as long as it does not make up more than 20 of the new material, is of the same material type and is from the manufacturers own production and the tubing meets all other requirements of this International Standard. If reinforcement is used, then the user must be satisfied that the reinforced tubing is suitable for the application. The materials used may have additives to enhance material performance provided the tubing produced complies with the requirements of this International Standard.
6.2 Tubing
6.2.1 Quality and appearance
The tubing shall comply with the requirements of this International Standard. The tube shall show no manufacturing faults, voids, scratches, cracks or lack of homogeneity which could affect service use. Additives shall be evenly distributed throughout the material.

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