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BS ISO/IEC 14651:2019 pdf free download.Information technology – International string ordering and comparison – Method for comparing character strings and description of the common template tailorable ordering.
This document provides a method, applicable around the world, for ordering text data, and provide a Common Template Table which, when tailored, can meet a given languages ordering requirements while retaining reasonable ordering for other scripts.
The Common Template Table requires some tailoring in different local environments. Conformance to this document requires that all deviations from the template, called”deltas, be declared to document resultant discrepancies.
This document describes a method to order text data independently of context.
ISO/IEC TR 30112 has specifications for ordering that informatively complement the specification in this document and indicates where additional information can be sought on ordering keywords defined in this document.
6 String comparison
6.1 Preparation of character strings prior to comparison
It can be necessary to transform character strings before the reference comparison method is applied to them. Although not part of the Scope of this document, preparation can be an important part of the ordering process. See Annex C for some examples of preparation.
Characters of the input string shall be encoded according to ISO/IEC 10646 (UCS) or a mapping to ISO/ IEC 10646 shall be provided if another encoding scheme is used.
Escape sequences and control characters constitute very sensitive data to interpret, and it is highly recommended that preparation should filter out or transform these sequences.
NOTE: Since the reference method is a logical statement for the mechanism for string comparison, it does not preclude an implementation from using a non-UCS character encoding only, as long as it produces results as if it were using the reference comparison method.

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