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Standard Number:CAN/CSA-ISO/IEC-9798-5:05
Standard Name:Information technology — Security techniques — Entity authentication — Part 5: Mechanisms using zero-knowledge techniques
Standard Size:21.4M
File Format:PDF
Introduction:Welcome to my website,today I share the standard called CAN/CSA-ISO/IEC-9798-5:05,which is free to download.Part of the standard is as follows:
5 Mechanisms based on identities
5. 1 Security requirements for the environment
These mechanisms enable a verifier to check that a claimant knows private number (s) that are related to identification data by a verification key.
Within a given domain, the following requirements shall be satisfied.
Domain parameters shall be selected, which will govern the operation of the mechanism. They include a hash-function, e.g., one of the functions specified in ISO/EC 10118-3. The selected parameters shall be made known in a reliable manner to all entities within the domain.
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