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CSA B72:20 pdf free download.Installation code for lightning protection systems.The size of this pdf file is 2.83M.
0.1 General
The function of a lightning protection system is to provide a means by which a lightning discharge can enter or leave the earth while eliminating or minimizing damage to the structure on which the system is installed.
0.2 Overview
The following document provides requirements for protection from lightning for the majority of structures that designers and builders will encounter. Specialized structures falling outside the scope of this document should be treated on an individual basis.
0.3 Users
This Standard is intended to be used by
a) lightning protection installers, designers, and maintenance personnel;
b) engineers, architects, and other design professionals; and
c)authorities having jurisdiction, third-party inspection agencies, and nationally recognized testing laboratories.
This Standard covers the protection from lightning of:
a) recreational, residential, institutional, medical, agricultural, industrial, commercial, military, and telecommunications buildings and structures;
b) tall, slender structures such as smokestacks, silos, tanks, towers, masts, and poles;
c) immobile property such as equipment, tents, fences, trees, and solar arrays; and
d) high-risk structures with dangerous contents such as explosives and flammable goods.
This Standard covers the protection from lightning of structures housing electrical generation, transmission, and distribution systems, as well as structures housing communication systems, but not the equipment or installation requirements for such systems.
This Standard also contains non-mandatory sections devoted to the nature of lightning and the general principles upon which lightning protection is based, so that the user of the Standard will be able to assess the need for lightning protection in the case of any given structure.
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