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DIN EN 1493:2011 pdf free download. Vehicle Lifts; German Version EN 1493:2010.
DIN EN 1493:2011 is a type C standard as stated in EN ISO 12100-1:2003.
The machinery concerned and the extent to which hazards, hazardous situations and hazardous events are covered are indicated in the scope of this document. In addition, machinery should comply as appropriate with EN ISO 12100-1 for hazards which are not covered by this standard.
When provisions of this type C standard are different from those which are stated in type A or B standards, the provisions of this type C standard take precedence over the provisions of the other standards, for machines that have been designed and built according to the provisions of this type C standard.
The object of this European Standard is to define rules for safeguarding persons against the risk of accidents associated with the operation of vehicle lifts.
While elaborating this standard it was assumed that only authorized persons operate the vehicle lifts and that the working area is sufficiently lit.
The requirement concerning loading control is not deemed pertinent to this standard insofar as:
— experience and the state of the art suggests that failing to observe this requirement has not historically given rise to unsafe situations;
— such devices which would give protection against overall and local overloading are not currently available in forms which cover all eventualities;
— the weight and weight distribution is freely available for the type of vehicles to be lifted and as such it is the responslbilit of the user to prevent an unsafe situation arising:
vehide lifts are generally designed to suit the maximum weight of vehicle to which it would reasonably be subjected, hence the normal duty of a lift is substantially lower than the maximum.
This European Standard applies to stationary, mobile and movable vehicle lifts, which are not intended to lift persons but which are designed to raise vehicles totally, for the purpose of examining and working on or under the vehicles whilst in a raised position. The vehicle lift may consist of one or more lifting-units.
Power supply to the vehicle lift by internal combustion engines is not considered.
The floor or ground supporting the vehicle lift in use is assumed to be horizontal.
This document is applicable to vehicle lifts which are manufactured 1/2 year after the date of its publication as EN.

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