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EN 14-1994 pdf download.Dimensions of bed blankets.
This EN 14 specifies the dimensions of bed blankets made of textile materials. It also specifies the method of checking these dimensions and of marking them on the blankets.
The standard does not apply to:
a) fitted covers,
b) electric blankets, the heating qualities of which derive essentially from an electric element rather than from any textile material,
c) bedspreads, divan spreads, continental quilts and travelling rugs (quilted or unquilted, filled or unfilled, lined or unlined) the characteristics of which differ from those defined in clause 2.
d) textile articles that, although similar in nature to bed blankets, are not bed blankets in end use, for example rugs, sheets, protective sheets and underblankets, and special-purpose blankets such as animal blankets.
2 Definition
For the purposes of this standard the following definition applies.
bed blanket
a textile article0 of bedding made up before use and so designed as to provide thermal insulation to increase the comfort of the user by helping the body to retain the heat necessary to it, the thermal qualities of the blanket being dependent on:
a) the volume of air retained between the fibres:
by raising the two faces of the material (in the case of woven, knitted or tufted blankets) or, by the interlacing of the fibres themselves (in the case of needled and stitchbonded blankets, whether raised or not);
b) the type of constituent fibres and the method of assembly when the article is made from an unraised material.
descriptions and illustrated examples of types of bed blankets covered by this standard are given in Annex A.
3 Designation
A bed blanket with dimensions complying with the requirements of this standard shall he designated by the following factors, in the order indicated.
3.1 The expression bed blanket”.
3.2 Reference to this standard.
3.3 The dimensions of the blanket in centimetres,
given in the order used in Table 1 and in Annex B.
3.4 An indication of the constituent material or
materials, in accordance with any regulations or
conventions in use in the country concerned.
bed blanket EN 14— 180 x 240— 100% wool bed blanket EN 14 — 300 X 240 — 100 % wool
4 Dimensions
4.1 The recommended common standard dimensions for bed blankets are given in Table 1.
NOTE Government and local authority tenders may specify, for particular purposes. blanket dimensions other than those given in Table 1. Tenders for private contracts may also require dimensions particular to specific needs, on condition that the blankets are not made available for resale to the public.
4.2 Supplementary to the dimensions recommended in Table 1, the dimensions (or sizes) required to meet particular needs of some countries are given in Annex B.
5 Tolerance on dimensions
5.1 Tolerance on the dimensions shall be ± 3 %.
5.2 Orders or tenders relating to large deliveries of bed blankets of the same size may specify that the average dimensions of blankets in a delivery shall not be lower than those of the appropriate standard size.
6 Method of checking dimensions
If dimensions are in dispute, the procedure set out in 6.1 to 6.3 shall be followed.
6.1 Sampling
If the delivery is less than 1 000 blankets, 1 % of the number (with a minimum of 3 blankets) shall be taken at random for testing. If the delivery is more than 1 000 blankets, 10 blankets shall be taken at random from the first 1 000 and then 2 from each successive 1 000 blankets.
6.2 Conditioning
The blankets taken for checking shall be conditioned by leaving them for at least 48 h in an atmosphere of relative humidity (65 ± 2) % and temperature (20 ± 2) °C.
6.3 Test procedure
After conditioning, each article shall be laid out straight and untensioned on a smooth flat surface. Any creases and folds shall be removed and the dimensions then determined in the following manner, using a rigid graduated rule.EN 14-1994 pdf download.

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