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I just finished my work. Now I’m going to share with you a European standard called EN 149 2001+A1:2009.Its title is Respiratory protective devices – Filtering half masks to protect against particles – Requirements, testing, marking.
Of course, you can download this document for free. Thanks for Johnson’s generous sharing.
A given respiratory protective device can only be approved when the individual components satisfy the requirements of the test specification which may be a complete standard or part of a standard, and practical performance tests have been carried out successfully on complete apparatus where specified in the appropriate standard. If for any reason a complete apparatus is not tested then simulation of the apparatus is permitted provided the respiratory characteristics and weight distribution are similar to those of the complete apparatus.
EN 149 2001+A1:2009 specifies minimum requirements for filtering half masks as respiratory protective devices to protect against particles except for escape purposes.
Laboratory and practical performance tests are included for the assessment of compliance with the requirements.
Now you can download the EN 149 2001+A1:2009 pdf.

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