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EN 16027-2011 pdf download.Protective clothing-Gloves with protective effect for association football goal keepers.
This EN 16027 applies to gloves for goal keepers for association football (in the following text just “gloves for goal keepers”) with stabilizing andlor stiffening elements (e.g. splint, brace), which due to their construction, provide a protective effect against injuries of the hand or parts of it, such as torn capsules, broken fingers, sprained fingers and wrists.
2 Normative references
The fdlowing referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (Including any amendments) applies.
EN 420:2003+A1 :2009, Protective gloves — General requirements and test methods
EN 10270-1 Steel wire for mechanical springs — Part 1: Patented cold drawn unalloyed steel wire
EN 13906-2. Cylindrical helical spnngs made from round wire and bar — Calculation and design — Part 2:
Extension springs
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
glove for goal keepers
protective equipment worn on the hand which restricts movement of the ringers further than the normal range of the joints by use of additional safety features such as (but not restricted to) splints, braces or other stiffening elements
association football
game of football in which the ball is not picked up or carried by field players, and in which the rules for tackling should limit the severity of body blows
[EN 13061 :2009, 2.4]
4 Requirements
4.1 General
Gloves for goal keepers shall be safe and suitable for their purpose when used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. They shall be free of hard or sharp edges or corners, buckles or other objects on the inside and the surface of the product which may be dangerous for the user or others during normal or foreseeable use when tested in accordance with 5.3.
4.2 Innocuousness
Manufacturers of products complying with this standard should consider the health and protection of the user, the environment and the supply chain. Materials used should not, during foreseeable conditions of normal use, release or degrade to release substances generally known to be hazardous.
The manufacturer should list in the information supplied by the manufacturer the substances used for the main components of the product.
NOTE Information on the identification and classification of such substances can be found in the
Directive 6715481EEC (dassification, packaging and labelling of dangerous substances) Lii as well as in the Regulation
(EC) no.190712006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006 concerning the Registration,
Evaluation, Authonsation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)[2J.
4.3 Ergonomics
Gloves for goalkeepers shall be designed in such a way that the user can perform the typical movements required by the foreseeable conditions of use without restrictions, closure systems which ensure correct fitting and placement of the glove shall be adjustable and suitable to ensure restraint of the item whilst in use without constriction of the joint between the hand and arm.
Testing shall be in accordance with 5.3.
4.4 Stiffness
Gloves for goalkeepers shall be designed and manufactured with suitable stabilising and stiffening elements such that they support the fingers when they are stressed by a load or impact inverse to the natural flex direction of the fingers without endangering the hand, wrist or arm of the user. Testing shall be in accordance with 5.4. and the force measured shall be within the limits specified in Table 1.
4.5 Restraint system
Gloves for goalkeepers shall be easily fitted and adjusted by the user using a suitable restraint system. They shall fit firmly to the hand of the intended size, shall not release from the hand during use, and shall remain in the location they are designed to protect during all typical movements or impact. When tested in accordance with 5.5. the maximum displacement shall be less than 20 mm.
4.6 Impact strength
Gloves for goal keepers with stabilizing and stiffening elements (e.g. splint, brace) shall be resistant against mechanical impacts. Stabilizing and stiffening elements shall not break or splinter, when tested according to
4.7 Sizing
Gloves shall be available in a range of sizes suitable for the varying hand size of the intended user The manufacturer shall indicate the intended size for which the glove is designed.
The size of the glove with protective effect shall be defined according to EN 420:2003+A1:2009, 5.1.2, Table 3.
5 Test methods
5.1 General
Where no specific testing procedure is given, compliance with the requirements of this standard shall be established by measurement, visual and physical examination. For testing, new unused samples shall be used.
Measuring Instruments unless otherwise specified shall be accurate to ± 2 % of the pass/fail level of the characteristics being measured.EN 16027-2011 pdf download.

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