EN 16585-1-2017 pdf download

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EN 16585-1-2017 pdf download.Railway applications – Design for PRM use – Equipment and components onboard rolling stock – Part 1: Toilets.
clear width
clear usable width
unobstructed width of an open door or clearway to allow passengers to pass through
unobstructed space with defined widths and heights to allow movement within a vehicle
first step
step that is the first step for a passenger to use, to overcome a height change
Note 1 to entry: For the external access/egress steps this will normally be the step that is closest to the platform edge (it may be a fixed or a moveable step), therefore this is the first step when boarding and the last step when alighting.
Note 2 to entry: In the context of steps for internal height changes (other than the external access/egress steps) this means the first usable step when ascending and the edge of the walking floor when descending.
continuous element with round cross section for passengers to use to aid personal stability by gripping around
last step
final step for an ascending passenger to use to overcome a height change, forming the edge of the walking floor
manual door
unpowered door which the passenger has to physically open and/or close
palm operable
operable by the palm or any part of the hand, not requiring fingers to be unclenched
Note 1 to entry: The design need is that passengers with painful conditions, which affect their joints such as arthritis, may be unable to (and are likely to experience discomfort or pain if they do) exert any force with the tip of a single finger. Many may not be able to unclench their fingers to do this or perform any pulling action.
proximity sensor
sensor that can be used to control facilities without the control device being physically touched
sharp edge
thin edge capable of cutting or an abrupt end or discontinuity of a surface which has the potential to injure a passenger in normal use
standard toilet
toilet not designed to be accessible to a passenger in a wheelchair
universal toilet
toilet designed to be used by all passengers including passengers in wheelchairs
usable width
unobstructed width of an open door or passageway allowing for passengers to pass through
wheeled personal mobility device
Note I to entry: Wheelchair characteristics are defined in Annex A.
wheelchair accessible doorway
closest doorway to the wheelchair space (and wheelchair accessible sleeping accommodation, where fitted)
wheelchair space
designated space in the passenger compartment for the wheelchair users and their wheelchairs
Note ito entry: Space can be designed for two wheelchairs, one beside the other (dual).
S Requirements and assessment
5.1 General
1) Assessment of the requirements identified in Clause 5 shall be according to Annex C and Annex D. Where additional assessment criteria apply, these will be identified against the relevant clause.
2) All dimensions in the figures are in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise stated.
3) When toilets are fitted in a train, a universal toilet shall be provided that is accessible from the wheelchair space and, if provided, the sleeping compartment.
4) The standard toilet shall be compliant with the requirements of 5.2 and 5.3.
5) The universal toilet shall be compliant with the requirements of 5.2 and 5.4.
5.2 Standard and universal toilets, common parameters
1) The centre of any door handle, lock or door control device on the exterior or interior of the toilet compartment shall be located at a minimum of 800 mm and a maximum of 1 100 mm above the toilet door threshold.
— Assessment: this shall be measured vertically above the door threshold.
2) A visual and tactile (or audible) indication shall be given inside and outside the toilet to indicate when a door has been locked.
— Assessment: tactile and audible information shall be according to EN 16584-2.
— Assessment: Indication inside the toilet shall be provided by two distinct physical positions of the lockw device and/or provision of audible indication.EN 16585-1-2017 pdf download.

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