ASTM D5988-18 pdf download ASTM Standards

ASTM D5988-18 pdf download

ASTM D5988-18,Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials in Soil. ASTM D5988-18 covers determination under laboratory conditions of the degree and rate of aerobic biodegradation of plastic materials, including formulation additives, in contact with...
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ASTM D6517-18 pdf download free ASTM Standards

ASTM D6517-18 pdf download free

Hi,guys,now i am sharing ASTM D6517-18,Standard Guide for Field Preservation of Ground Water Samples. ASTM D6517-18 covers methods for field preservation of ground water samples from the point of sampling through receipt at the laboratory. Ground water...
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ASTM D6521-13 pdf ASTM Standards

ASTM D6521-13 pdf

ASTM D6521-13,Standard Practice for Accelerated Aging of Asphalt Binder Using a Pressurized Aging Vessel (PAV). A net friend from Canada sent me this standard. Thank her very much.Let's take a look at some of the introduction of...
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ASTM F2347-15 pdf download ASTM Standards

ASTM F2347-15 pdf download

Now let's download ASTM F2347-15,Standard Guide for Characterization and Testing of Hyaluronan as Starting Materials Intended for Use in Biomedical and Tissue Engineered Medical Product Applications. ASTM F2347-15 covers the evaluation of hyaluronan suitablefor use in biomedical...
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ASTM F2352-14 pdf download free ASTM Standards

ASTM F2352-14 pdf download free

Hello,my friends,i am John.Now i will share ASTM F2352-14,Standard Specification for Design and Performance of Light Sport Gyroplane Aircraft. ASTM F2352-14 covers the manufacture of gyroplanes. This specification includes design and performance requirements for light sport gyroplane...
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ASTM F2531-13 pdf download ASTM Standards

ASTM F2531-13 pdf download

Hi,I am John,today i will share ASTM F2531-13,Standard Test Method for Load Capacity of Treestand Seats. ASTM F2531-13 covers the determination of the static load capacity of treestand seats in terms of a factor of safety relative...
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ASTM F2634-07 pdf ASTM Standards

ASTM F2634-07 pdf

ASTM F2634-07,Standard Test Method for Laboratory Testing of Polyethylene (PE) Butt Fusion Joints using Tensile-Impact Method. This is a tensile impact test method that develops enough tensile impact energy at specific rates of strain to rupture standard...
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ASTM F2640-18 pdf download ASTM Standards

ASTM F2640-18 pdf download

ASTM F2640-18,Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Booster Seats. ASTM F2640-18 covers the performance requirements and methods of test to ensure the satisfactory performance of the booster seat. This consumer safety specification addresses incidents associated with booster seats...
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ASTM F2910-14 pdf ASTM Standards

ASTM F2910-14 pdf

ASTM F2910-14,Standard Specification for Design and Construction of a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS). ASTM F2910-14 defines the design, construction, and test requirements for a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS). This standard is written for all sUAS...
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ASTM F3172-15 pdf download ASTM Standards

ASTM F3172-15 pdf download

ASTM F3172-15,Standard Guide for Design Verification Device Size and Sample Size Selection for Endovascular Devices. ASTM F3172-15 provides guidance for selecting an appropriate device size(s) and determining an appropriate sample size(s) (that is, number of samples) for...
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